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Benchmarking and Accreditation

SOCAPiE offers Assessment and Accreditation in a number of different ways.

Professional Accreditation

SOCAPiE offers graduates who have completed an approved course of customer service training the opportunity to be formally recognised. Once recognition is granted, graduates may use the designatory letters MSoCAP. This adds value to the individual because their training has been independently recognised, making their achievement more recognisable and portable.

Our Professional Development page gives more information.

Organisational Assessment and Benchmarking

It is extremely important that organisations focus on those practices that lead to service excellence. The SOCAPiE Service Excellence Audit examines the extent of your commitment to those practices, identifies the gaps in your commitment and recommends actions for improvement.

Find out more about the SOCAPiE Service Excellence Audit by following this link.

Have your training recognised 

Many organisations have developed excellent customer service training courses for their employees or clients. However, when moving on, other employers do not always recognise this training. Wouldn’t it be so much better if your training was recognised as meeting the national standard from SOCAPiE?

Our Training Accreditation page gives more information


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