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Customer Service Strategy Model - Reward and Recognition

reward and recognition


Too often, businesses espouse the service philosophy but then reward only for sales. Organisations need to include service in Reward packages. Clearly, this cannot be done overnight as the service measurement data needs to be robust before we can pay people on it.

However, a plan should be developed on the optimum way of implementing such a policy.Meantime, other methods of recognition should be investigated such as:

Customer Service Strategy Model - Continuous Improvement

Continuous Improvement
It is important that all businesses create the environment where continuous improvement can flourish.

All customer-facing processes should be process-mapped and improvements implemented where appropriate.

Service management tools

Customer Service Strategy Model - Management Information

Management Information is what turns service from something that just happens into something that is manageable and managed. It needs to be provided in a clear, concise, simple and actionable format which turns measurement into an actionable tool. It also needs to be sufficiently detailed to identify where issues need to be addressed. In addition, organisations need to benchmark themselves against other sectors as that mirrors the experience of customers who compare against all the other service providers they deal with.

Customer Service Strategy Model - Service Standards

Service Standards



Service Standards need to be agreed for all of the factors known to be important to customers. That information is obtained from:

  • service priorities research
  • other customer research

In general, Service Standards need to be about:

Customer Service Strategy Model - Identify Priorities

Customer Priorities



Human nature often means that we focus on those elements that are easiest to accomplish but, in the context of service excellence, that is a recipe for mediocrity. Consequently, we must know what is important to customers so that we can focus on those issues.

Customer Service Strategy - Support

The type of support that’s necessary is very much driven by the Management Information but will undoubtedly consist of these elements:
People development
World-class Service is delivered by world-class people who are motivated to add value to their customers. It goes without saying that the culture within the organisation needs to be customer-focused from directors to front line staff and each member of staff needs to know and understand what is expected of them.

Customer Service Strategy

Improving service means focusing on all the elements that matter - Strategy, People, Culture, Process and Systems.

A Customer Service Strategy needs to be developed to help that holistic approach to service. The strategy should ensure that each segment is addressed in a logical, controlled and sequential manner and it also helps measure achievement against the Strategy. In addition, it provides a platform to help articulate the customer service vision to customers and staff and to ensure that customer service pervades the culture.

The Plan

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