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Society of Consumer Affairs Professionals (SOCAP) in USA

SOCAP International

The SOCAP International website includes valuable resources for today's customer care professionals as well as for those interested in learning more. It holds information about SOCAP and its benefits, past Newsletters and SOCAP international conferences and online events. Networking, educational opportunities and chapter events in the USA are also available.

The website contains links to SOCAP research studies and other publications. Additionally, international job seekers and employers can visit SOCAP's Career Link to find opportunities, jobs or candidates.The members-only area of the website offers lists for SOCAP's special industry groups, a searchable Membership Directory (for personal reference only) and an archive of CRM Magazine articles. Additionally, the SOCAP website provides a link to a feedback channel for members and visitors to provide comments.

All these facilities are available through an individually assigned login.  

SOCAP US web site: 

SOCAP International

675 N. Washington Street

Suite 20


Virginia 22314

CEO: Brian Costanzo


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