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Customer Service Strategy

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Improving service means focusing on all the elements that matter - Strategy, People, Culture, Process and Systems.

A Customer Service Strategy needs to be developed to help that holistic approach to service. The strategy should ensure that each segment is addressed in a logical, controlled and sequential manner and it also helps measure achievement against the Strategy. In addition, it provides a platform to help articulate the customer service vision to customers and staff and to ensure that customer service pervades the culture.

The Plan

The overall aim should be to differentiate the Brand through the quality of service that it delivers by:

  • identifying the service priorities of the organisation’s customers
  • adopting standards of service that meet those priorities
  • measuring performance against those standards and priorities and providing management information in a clear, simple and actionable format
  • supporting people where appropriate and as determined by performance measurement
  • encouraging a culture of continuous improvement and innovation
  • rewarding and recognising those behaviours that lead to service excellence

To be successful, each of these strategic segments need to be addressed and the organisation needs to be able to articulate its intentions for each segment so that staff fully understand and buy in.

Strategy Model


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