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Customer Service Strategy Model - Management Information

Management Information is what turns service from something that just happens into something that is manageable and managed. It needs to be provided in a clear, concise, simple and actionable format which turns measurement into an actionable tool. It also needs to be sufficiently detailed to identify where issues need to be addressed. In addition, organisations need to benchmark themselves against other sectors as that mirrors the experience of customers who compare against all the other service providers they deal with.

There are four main elements to any service measurement process:

  • Output Measures eg on-shelf availability, turnaround times, automated machine uptimes etc
  • Perception measured via customer surveys• own service and benchmarking against others
  • Reality measured via observation (management and/or mystery shopping) and staff surveys
  • Complaints numbers and handling

The key is to be able to measure at least down to unit level, if not individual.

It is likely that a mix of measurement methodologies will be required eg:

  • ongoing customer surveys
  • ongoing staff surveys
  • mystery shopping
  • output measures

The next steps here are to:

  • agree all of the areas of measurement
  • agree the methodology(ies) for each area of measurement
  • prepare a matrix allocating every measure to a specific level of management (some will be allocated to multiple levels)
  • design measurement processes

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