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Customer Service Strategy - Support

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The type of support that’s necessary is very much driven by the Management Information but will undoubtedly consist of these elements:
People development
World-class Service is delivered by world-class people who are motivated to add value to their customers. It goes without saying that the culture within the organisation needs to be customer-focused from directors to front line staff and each member of staff needs to know and understand what is expected of them.
So, firstly, staff need to be happy working with the organisation and it needs to know what should be done via Staff Satisfaction Surveys.
A Training Needs Analysis will identify, by role, what customer service and other training is required. In addition, longer term people development is necessary.
A review of the recruitment process would be appropriate to ensure that service profile/customer centricity is present. The review would assess relevant people specifications and sample-test recent recruits to gauge whether or not they meet the required standard.
It is very often worthwhile to get buy-in to a customer service programme by taking Directors/Senior Managers on a series of study visits combined with workshops and presentations, culminating in Action Planning for Service.
An internal communication plan is needed to ensure that all staff know what will be happening and when. The communications need to be branded as part of the customer service programme and reach out to every level.
The culture should be continuously injected with information, case studies and, above all, enthusiasm. This can be done through a variety of media including newsletters, intranet, webcasts, special events etc.
In addition customers should be kept informed of progress through: • advertising • press articles • media involvementalthough care must be taken to ensure that improvements have actually been made before communicating externally.
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