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Training Accreditation

Have your training recognised by your professional body

Many companies and public sector organisations have developed excellent customer service training courses for their employees or clients. However, when moving on, other employers do not always recognise this training. Wouldn’t it be so much better if your training was recognised as meeting the standards set by SOCAPiE?

What's the benefit?

Having your training courses accredited to SOCAPiE standards adds value to:

  • the graduate because their training has been recognised by an external national body, making their achievement more portable
  • the graduate because they may be able to use the designatory letters MSoCAP
  • the employer and/or the training provider because their training will have improved status
  • the employer because they will be seen as taking an interest in their employees, leading to improved retention

What happens?

Your training is assessed by our Training and Development Department and, if it meets the required standards, it will be approved as part of SOCAPiE’s professional development programme. If necessary, you will be guided on any changes that may be needed to meet the standards.

There are two levels:

Approved: if the training meets our standards, it will be Approved by SOCAPiE and may be labeled/marketed as such.

Accredited: if the training is judged to be of a sufficient standard and is subjected to our Quality Assurance process, it will be Accredited by SOCAPiE and may be labeled/marketed as such. In addition, successful candidates may use the designatory letters MSoCAP.

How much?

Organisations pay £1500 per course. 

Certificates from SOCAPiE

It is also possible to develop a Certificated Programme where graduates of an Accredited Course receive a certificate from  SOCAPiE. This is not merely a certificate for attendance as each candidate must successfully pass an online examination based on the content of the course.

To make this happen, SOCAPiE develops a question bank from the course content and presents a random selection of questions to each candidate, resulting in a Pass, Fail or Re-sit with successful candidates receiving a Certificate.

The cost for this option is £2500 for development of the question bank (in any language) and system set-up plus a fee for each examination taken. This fee is agreed between us depending on numbers of examinations and timescale.

What now?

For more information and to find out how to progress, please contact us.


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